Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sentimental Rant the Second

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Assalamualaikum. :D

Lagi nak update blog. Ye laa masa free-free ni laa pun aku nak merapu dekat blog. Nanti bila dah start kelas, dah start buzy, memang rasanya nak mengadap laptop pun takde masa. 

Heh, ye laa tu fuu.. LOL.

Speaking of start kelas, actually I am extremely nervous about these whole ‘medic’ things. Yeah, nervous because of the thinking that I might not be able to catch up with the studies. Nervous because maybe I am actually not really ready to study on becoming a doctor.


Why am I having this kind of thought? I have chosen this path and I MUST move along with it. Allah has stated that whatever HE gives you, it is the best for you. Either you like it or not. It can be that you love something which is not good for you, and it can be that you hate something which is good for you. HE knows indeed, but you know not. This piece from surah al-Baqarah always gives me strength that whatever I do, whatever decision I made, and whatever obstacles came in my way, it shows what Allah has decided for me. I must be confident and strong enough to accept it all even though it may hurt.

Yeah. It may hurt. It requires you hell to give it all. Pain is what came along. But people used to say ‘no pain no gain’ huh? True.

This feeling of why-I-choose-this-path is the beginning of the pain. My heart feels burdened and my mind could not control of having this thought. It is hurt though. But I will try my best to overcome this. I have people around me, I have my family, friends. I believe Allah has put me in the best position right now.

*smile :) *

Okay enough membebel about this feeling of mine. Hahaha. First time mencurahkan segala dekat blog pasal feeling-feeling. Pfftt. This is so not me. I guess writing is much more easier compared to talking, for this case. 

What blog has made me.. Whoo hoooo..

Baru lepas selak al Quran sebenarnya. Jumpa beberapa piece of ayat yang sangat best. Petika n dari surah an-Najm ayat 38-44.

(yaitu) bahawa seseorang yang berdosa tidak akan memikul dosa orang lain

Dan bahawa manusia hanya akan memperoleh apa yang akan diusahakannya

Dan sesungguhnya usahanya itu kelak akan diperlihatkan(kepadanya)

Kemudian akan diberi balasan kepadanya dengan balasan yang paling sempurna

Dan sesungguhnya kepada Tuhanmulah kesudahanya (segala sesuatu)

Dan sesungguhnya Dialah yang menjadikan orang tertawa dan menangis

Dan sesungguhnya Dialah yang mematikan dan menghidupkan

Memang kena je dengan situasi aku. Usaha, hasil, menangis dan tertawa. Allah indeed is the Best Planner for all mankind. Apa yang kita usahakan, lama-lama akan Allah tunjukkan hasilnya. It doesn’t matter either we get the result in this duniya, ataupun Allah bagi hasilnya in the after world. Dan hasilnya itu adalah yang paling sempurna. Maksudnya the most perfect with our usaha lah. Kalau usaha tu ciput, hasil pun ciput laa kan?

Menangis dan tertawa. Bahagia atau sedih. Happy or miserable. The same thing kan? Ini Allah nak tunjuk apa yang result from our usaha tu gives us. Contohnya kalau kita usaha buat benda baik, Allah will gives us the good result and in the end- happy ending. If we did horrible thing, the result is of course bad and in the end- miserable. Agree much?

Formula nye senang:



p/s : usaha tangga kejayaan. this might sounds cliche but it is the truth. HE promises us in whatever we did, HE will give us the rewards. either it is good or bad, depends on our choice

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